Aesthetic Dental Treatments: Which One do I Need?

In addition to maintaining oral health, more patients feel motivated to undergo cosmetic treatments in the oral area. These procedures offer incredible results thanks to the use of the latest technologies.

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Dental Aesthetics

It is a specialty of Dentistry that improves the appearance of teeth. It is worth mentioning that, when this occurs, it influences not only the patient’s physical appearance, but also his emotional state.

Anyone can undergo these treatments. However, for a specialist to do this, it is necessary to have oral health. Therefore, a patient with tooth decay or gingivitis will first have to resolve this problem before undergoing an aesthetic procedure.

Most popular treatments within dental aesthetics

Although there are several cosmetic procedures, it is recommended that they are personalized. This means that the patient is offered the solution that best suits their needs.

In many cases, the first thing to do is to correct your teeth. Therefore, before any treatment, the specialist subjects the patient to a facial analysis to determine what he needs and where to start. Here, the characteristics, proportions and measurements are studied to create a smile design according to the patient’s facial structure.


Taking into account the shape and size of the teeth, as well as the color and position, the dentist will inform the patient about the treatment to be applied. Here are some of the most popular procedures in dental aesthetics.


Veneers are veneers made of composite or porcelain that are placed over the face of the tooth (visible area) to improve position, color, shape and size.

The facets correct the separation of the teeth, if they are crowded, broken or if they present a yellowish pigmentation. The placement of these sheets is very fast, and the treatment lasts about 3 weeks for composite veneers and one month when porcelain veneers are applied.


Probably the most popular treatment within the aesthetic dental clinic. The purpose of this is nothing more than to lighten the color of the teeth, managing to return the natural white you had. In general, the yellowish tint in stores comes from smoking or using tetracycline.

The results of the whitening procedure are very fast. In fact, the results can be seen in the first treatment session. The procedure involves a cold light bulb application session.

However, the patient must use a whitening gel splint for 15 days (before and after treatment). This means that the patient’s attitude and collaboration are essential to obtain the best results from this procedure.


Unlike previous treatments, this involves surgery under local anesthesia. The procedure aims to reduce the gums, reaching a proportional and harmonious size with the mouth. The good thing is that it does not involve a large invasion of the patient, so the complications are almost nil.


This cosmetic procedure is often used to eliminate fractures or cavities. Some people also resort to this for aesthetic reasons, for example, by joining teeth that were born apart or slightly changing the shape of a tooth.

To reconstruct a patient’s smile, composite is often used, although there are other types of high quality materials that are also very useful for performing these types of procedures. However, it is important to consult the attending physician about what type of materials he uses, as some do not offer the same results as the composite.


Another very common treatment in cosmetic dentistry. Aesthetic Orthodontics includes all types of methods that allow you to correct the alignment of teeth and bite problems. In general, this treatment is based on an orthodontic appliance. However, there are also procedures with invisalign aligners or without brackets.

The difference between the two methods is that some are transparent (brackets) and others are completely invisible, as the patient feels more comfortable with his smile during treatment.